UPLF: Crafting Authentic Riveted Cellulose Acetate Eyewear in France


Timeless artisan of design, UPLF is dedicated to creating each pair of eyewear with care and skill, from the last screw to the finished product. Our glasses are simple yet elegant, durable, and made with transparency as a top priority. We produce glasses that are necessary, at the right price, with quality at the forefront.


Our traditional models are designed and crafted according to the highest standards, right in the heart of our Reims workshop. Our products are durable, robust, and able to adapt to all weather conditions. We are inspired by the craftsmanship of the past, and our quality reflects that ethos. We celebrate the beauty of manual work every day, by returning to our roots and producing glasses with a clear focus on quality.


Our glasses are made, shaped, and designed for you, with a strong ethical and ecological focus. We only manufacture what you order, which allows us to provide you with products that are authentic and simple. We love our glasses and could talk about them for hours. See for yourself by exploring our catalog.


CATALOG UPLF offers a permanent catalog of timeless glasses. We have carefully selected and studied the shapes of our glasses to ensure that they are elegant, durable, and of the highest quality. We produce only what is necessary, based on what you order.


Customize a UPLF cellulose acetate model to your liking. You choose the aesthetics, and we take care of the design. Why not stand out with impeccable technique and a finish that reflects your image? Let us help you bring your vision to life.



Our expertise is born out of an obvious passion for eyewear. When we do what we love, we do it well.


We guarantee that our glasses are timeless and made to last a lifetime.


We work with suppliers who share our values and use sustainable materials. We are a traditional local workshop, which means that we are committed to working on a short circuit to offer you quality glasses with transparency and responsibility.

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